Traditional Craftsmanship

Generations of tradition and craftsmanship breathe life into every Longden door.

For more than 175 years, Longden Doors has provided traditional craftsmanship and expertise to create doorsets that have graced many of the country’s buildings from historic listed buildings to premium residential.

As part of the recent acquisition by Kensington Specialist Joinery, our highly regarded brand will continue to forge a reputation for high standards, service and innovation with the company’s facilities in County Durham.

Longden doors 1900s

Longden Joinery In The Early 1900’s

Longden History

In 1838 John Longden founded John Longden & Sons as a small-time builder largely servicing Sheffield’s steel industry. It was John’s son George and grandson James who really established Longden as a Building and Contracting business.

Longden swiftly grew to become of the top ten building and civil engineering contractors in the 19th century Britain. With many presitgious contracts, Longden considers traditional, apprentice-based craftsmanship and the development of skills as its major strength.

As the architectural joinery and the production of high quality, solid timber panelled doors flourished, Longden moved away from the contractor business in 1978. Today, the Longden range of hardwood doorsets combine the highest quality of traditional craftsmanship with the performance levels needed to meet today’s technical criteria. It is the Longden name that has remained and enshrined on our present-day range of beautiful handmade doors.



Longden Timber doors design

Knowledge of timber, its capabilities, constraints and how to work it comes as second nature to our craftsmen and designers.

Made with Precision


Longden design Specification support

All our doors and doorsets are manufactured individually to order, allowing complete design freedom and the capability to match existing doors.

Realising your vision


Crafted for purpose

We have extensive experience of working across a range of sectors from hotels to residential properties. We understand what is required to balance form and function.

A solution for you


Once every aspect of the doorset, architectural joinery and ironmongery has been agreed, full and accurate specifications are sent to the customer for final approval prior to being released into production in Durham, England.

Every doorset we make is bespoke and is built at the factory to ensure absolute accuracy to the plan when installed. Longden is available for advice and guidance during every aspect of the project from design through to final handover. Longden can also work closely with client-appointed installers if desired.