Generations of tradition and craftsmanship combined with high performance characteristics help to ensure the longevity of our historic buildings.

Minimal intervention and the retention of as much of the existing fabric as possible is vitally important to many great projects. The key is a combination of traditional craftsmanship, specialist conservation experience and an innovative, highly engineered approach to detailed design and construction.

Projects are considered individually and in detail, with Longden’s involvement being summarised as follows:

  • Replacement of existing doors with new performance doors or doorsets. These can be made to suit retained frames, architraves and other opening details such as reveal panelling or curved door-heads.
  • Replacement of existing doors with new performance doors or doorsets incorporating retained panels, carvings or other features from original doors.
  • Addition of new doorsets to accommodate revised layouts either replicating existing, or alternatively, in a contrasting or possibly more modern style.

In order to ensure the long-term usability and viability of historic buildings, there may well be a requirement to meet stringent performance standards, as indicated by today’s Building Regulations. For doors, frames, architraves, reveal panelling and other similar elements, this can present a real challenge, requiring a considered balance between intervention to achieve compliance and protection of essential architectural characteristics.

The Longden range is particularly suited to the restoration of historic and traditional buildings of all types and has been used extensively in notable monuments and listed buildings throughout the country. The company’s approach to conservation and its expertise in replicating original features and traditional craftsmanship are widely recognised by architects, conservation experts and organisations such as English Heritage & The National Trust.

Specific performance levels may be called for in terms of accessibility, fire-protection, smoke containment, sound reduction and security – particularly with a change of building use or altered room arrangements. Whilst Building Regulations may be relaxed in the case of listed buildings and other performance standards waived, this approach should be treated with caution. For example, fire-resistant doorsets are the most effective means of protecting historic buildings from the spread of fire and smoke, without the damaging after-effects of sprinkler systems. Similarly, a security doorset can prevent unauthorised access and the resulting theft, vandalism and arson. Therefore, there is a strong case for the considered use of performance doorsets to protect historic buildings in the wider sense.

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At Longden Doors we embrace a challenge and would love to be involved in your project. From design through to final handover, we work alongside our customers every step of the way, offering advice and guidance to ensure a smooth process.